Steel structure stairs

Staircase with painted stainless steel structural side strips, steps in satined, stratified glass and banister in horizontal stainless steel rods
Helix-shaped staircase with steel structural side strips (RAL colours) solid oak steps and stainless steel banisters.

Staircases in stainless steel, technical info

Staircases in stainless and painted steel can be provided as constructed modules with a double plate and an internal, invisible screw, blocking system and are advisable for curving stairways. They can also be made in a single piece with high density steel profiles which are laser moulded with blind slots without visible screws.

They can be made in wood, glass, resin, steel, stone, marble or fitted with carpet.The banister can be chosen from those already available or, since these are not a structural component of the staircase, it can be decided to do without. The feasibility of each staircase is always verified by an examination of the true conditions of each environment.