Hanging stairs

Open cantilever staircase without risers, with steps in ultra-clear structural glass and curved Gaudì-style three branch banister in copper-steel and tempered bronze.
Open helix-shaped cantilever staircase with oak steps and banister in horizontal stainless steel rods.

Hanging Staircases cantliver stairs and technical informations

The installation of a cantilever staircase requires load-bearing walls with a minimum depth of 10/12 cm of solid bricks, structural air bricks, ‘poroton’ or reinforced concrete walls. Where walls are not loadbearing built with air bricks, cement board or similar, it is possible to create a freestanding i ronwork structure either open or embedded in the wall, attached to the ceiling or the floor.

Cantilever staircases can support a maximum width of 120 cm on a load-bearing wall. They can be made in wood, glass, resin, steel, stone or marble.

The banister can be chosen from those already available or, since these are not a structural component of the staircase, it can be decided to do without. The feasibility of each staircase is always verified by an examination of the true conditions of each environment.